Kailah is inspired by the natural world and driven by her heritage. After working for fashion and creative agencies abroad, she opened a studio in her hometown of Hilo. Check out her amazing work here @kailahogawa

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Rebekah is an artist, blogger, writer, mama & wife. Her vibrant art is carefree, fun, and full of life. Check out her feel-good, tropical vibe kind of blog full of art and laid-back style as well as her IG @goldfish_kiss and @goldfish_kiss_art.

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Traci is originally from Hilo and believes in using design to showcase positivity and shine light on all the good things happening around the world. She specializes in brand development, web design and educational resources. Check out her meaningful work here and on IG

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Rachel is originally from Florida but is always chasing the sunshine and glassy days. Check out her fun retro art here and on IG @surfybirdy.

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Daniella is a Peruvian-born, California-based artist and textile designer. She draws her main inspiration from her love for the sea, her kids, and the environment. See more of her awesome art here and IG @daniellamanini_art.

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Tanja is living the #vanlife while road tripping through Europe. Check out her rolling shop here and follow her adventures on IG @tanjab.artistry.

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Kelsie from Oʻahu is a self-taught artist and mom boss! Shop her designs on Etsy here and check her out on IG @kelsiedayna.

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Samantha from Kauai is a maker of all things and loves to sew, paint, draw, and play piano, not to mention going to the beach and camping! Shop her fun playful designs on Etsy here and check her out on IG @leftrightdesign.

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Suzanne's signature style is bold, colorful and full of happiness. Originally from Germany, Suzanne now lives on Oahu. Check out more of her work here as well as her IG @suzannejennerich.

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Dani is an illustrator with a love for all things botanical. After graduating with a BFA in Fine Arts & Art History, she returned home to Hawaii. Now a mama of four dino-loving girls, Dani's inspiration is a constant parade of imaginative play and colorful adventures. The tropical hues and vibrant culture of our home on O’ahu are reflected in every dinosaur I create. Check out Dani's website here and @dinoflora_.

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Emma Jayne from the UK is an illustrator by day, finding inspiration through long walks in nature. Check out more in her Etsy shop and @emmajayne_designs.

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Hannah Katarski, based in Australia, combines her two passions - surfing and making - through her work. She creates limited edition artworks and objects evocative of the beach, ocean and surf culture. Find more here @mermaidscoin and

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Lindsay Wilkins is a self-taught artist and homeschooling mama based in Hawaii. She is wildly passionate about pursuing creativity in the midst of messy motherhood. Though her style has morphed over time, one thing has always remained true to her work - color! Find more here and

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Caroline Chessia is an artist based in the U.S. and Seville, Spain. She loves painting women, plants, and mystical landscapes and uses vivid colors and lots of details. Find more of her magical work at @chessiart and

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Ashley Munson is a freelance artist and digital illustrator from Southern California specializing in brand identity, packaging, and print. Inspiration for her work stems from the 60s/70s, nature, warm hues, and intricate design. Find more of her psychedelic art @ashleymunson and

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Tania Garcia is an illustrator and surface pattern designer from Barcelona. She loves to work with vibrant color palettes and textures and is inspired by travel,  nature, friends, her city, and everything that brings joy. Find her fun work at @taniagart and

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Emma Lopes is an artist and illustrator, born in Scotland and currently living in Lisbon. Spending time in wild places is her favorite pastime and mother nature is her muse. A core belief which filters into every aspect of her work is that all life is interconnected. Her art is a form of activism through celebration of a world we must fight to protect. More of her inspiring work can be found @emmalopesart and

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Mélanie Johnsson is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and letterer originally from France who now calls Margate (a beautiful english seaside town) in the U.K. her home. She designs for and collaborates with brands across different fields: luxury, travel, cosmetics, art, fashion, and prioritizes working with eco-friendly and sustainable brands that align with her values. Check out her bold & colorful work at @melanie.johnsson and

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Hannah Eddy is an illustrator and muralist based in Reno, NV. Her art contains colorful combinations of funky characters, imaginative landscapes, bold line work, and free-flowing hand lettering. Hannah’s work is largely influenced by the expressive graphic style and free-thinking approach of the skateboard/snowboard/surf culture that she grew up immersed in. Find more of her rad art at @hannaheddyart and

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Shar Tuiasoa, artist behind Punky Aloha Studio

Punky Aloha Studio is the illustration studio of Shar Tuiasoa, a freelance artist based in Kailua, Oʻahu. Shar has done murals, client work, product sales, fine art, and licensing for several large companies and is currently working on her first of two picture books as an author and illustrator for Harper Kids. More of her incredible work can be found @punkyaloha and

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JT Ojerio

JT Ojerio is a self-taught artist that was born and raised on the island of Oʻahu. JT discovered her love for drawing after suffering a sports injury that required a long recovery process. She quickly fell in love with the peace drawing gave her and continued on after her recovery with her best friend at her side, her pup Mele. Check out more of her amazing art @alohademele and

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artist TeAta Gutierrez

TeAta Hiʻileimailani Gutierrez is a digital artist who was born and raised on the island of Maui. After graduating from college and becoming an officer in the Hawaii Army National Guard in 2020, she decided to start her small business: Wahine Koa. The brand's message is to empower women with aloha, and to celebrate the beauty and confidence of women. Her business was inspired by her experiences in the military along with her Hawaiian culture. More of her empowering art can be found @wahinekoa_hi and

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artist Bailey Onaga

Bailey was born and raised in Maui and has always been influenced by her natural surroundings and a melting pot of diverse cultures. Her artwork and identity is constantly inspired and shaped by the people she's connected with, the places she's lived, and learning to embrace the floating feelings that come with finding a home. You can discover more of her amazing work @b.miyo_art and

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Picture of illustrator Michi Pichel

Michi is a digital illustrator based in Manila, Philippines. Her art is heavily influenced from her love of surfing and female empowerment. She hopes her art can show women of all shapes, sizes, and colors that they are beautiful and strong. To check out more of her inspiring art, follow her @michi_pichel_art.

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artist Kim Sielbeck

Kim is an illustrator, painter, and surface designer. Her colorful, fun illustrations can be found on packaging, clothing, in magazines, and on murals throughout the world. She was born in Alaska, and moved all around the US, including Hawaii, as a child. She moved back to Hawaii in 2017 after eleven years in New York City. Find more of her joyous art @kimsielbeck and

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Joanne Ho of Helo Birdie is a self taught artist from New Zealand inspired by the natural landscape around her home and painting places where we would all rather be right now. You can find her beautiful art @helobirdie_art and

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Image of Joanne Henderson, illustrator behind Surf Coo

Jo-Anne is a Scottish illustrator who recently founded Surf Coo, an accumulation of her passions for surfing and art. She has travelled and surfed all over the world throughout her 20s, and it was upon returning to her home country that Jo-Anne was able to appreciate the magic of surfing with fresh eyes. Find more of her beautiful work @surfcoo and

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Picture of Rhi James, illustrator behind Hebe Studio 
Rhi James is an independent print designer/illustrator and recently founded her own illustration company - Hebe Studio. She is originally from the UK but now lives in Australia. Her art is heavily influenced by travel and she loves being out in the sun and in the ocean. You can find more of her work and